Touched by Huntington´s Disease – Life Stories and Psychological Reflections

Statement of opinion from Senior Consultant Neurologist Anette Torvin Møller, MD, PhD, Department of Neurology, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.
(Dr. Møller has no vested interest, professional, commercial or financial, relating to this publication or to its sponsor, Teva Denmark A/S).

Huntington’s Disease is a rare disease. Huntington’s Disease is an inherited disease. Huntington’s Disease is also a progressive disease. It affects the entire family—through multiple generations and at many different levels. Many of the issues and emotions to which it gives rise are best described by people who have the disease, and by their family and close friends. That is why this book is important. It contains stories from actual families living with Huntington’s Disease. These stories are written by people who are affected, and by partners and children. Here, their own voices are heard. The book describes many of the challenges facing a family touched by Huntington’s Disease. Its highly personal narratives are supplemented by professional facts and reflections—medical and neuropsychological—building upon years of professional experience working with Huntington’s Disease. This publication is relevant, informative and moving, because it fundamentally approaches its topic through stories written by people with Huntington’s Disease and those close to them. What is more, health-care staff can gain much from reading this volume, whatever their specific profession may be.